T’s Notebook: The Podcast

T’s Notebook: The Podcast

Join writer & author Terrell Hicks as he opens his notebook to share stories, tips on writing, and his perspective on life, entertainment, pop culture, politics, health, and more. Intro Music by Walter Beasley. © 2020

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S2, Ep. 6: A TNBK Replay - Broken Voodoo Doll

May 12, 2021

Listen to a TNBK Replay of Broken Voodoo Doll by Camile Velez. The Book: Purchase Instacart - Groce…

S2, Ep. 5: A Review - HBO's The Nevers, Ep.1 w/ Jen, Shawn, & Mike

May 5, 2021

Join Terrell, Shawn, Jen, and Mike as they discuss episode 1 of HBO's The Nevers.

S2, Ep. 4: A Review - Them (Part 2) w/ Saleia, Jen, & Shawn

April 28, 2021

Join Terrell, Saleia, Shawn, Jen, and Special Guest Mike (Shawn's husband) for part 2 of their hila…

S2, Ep. 3: Allow Me...(It's My Birthday)

April 19, 2021

Allow me...to Introduce or Re-Introduce myself and T's Notebook: The Podcast. It's My Birthday! Thi…

S2, Ep. 202: A Review - Them (Part 1) w/ Saleia, Shawn, & Jen

April 14, 2021

Back for Season 2 are Shawn, Jen, and Saleia w/ Special Guest Mike (Shawn's husband) as they join T…

Ep. 201: A Conversation with...Kyeana Jones

April 7, 2021

Join Terrell as he chats with Photographer Kyeana Jones as they discuss her journey with the lens. …

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The pulsating sound of their beating hearts vibrated the drum of ten-year-old April Moore’s ears. She covered them, attempting to block the sound. …

About the Host

Terrell Hicks

Terrell Vernon Hicks (T.V.H) was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and attended Curry College where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Communications while interning at Boston Magazine. His love for storytelling began at early age. He wrote his first story at the age of 12, a four-page short story about his middle school classmates. After receiving, positive feedback from a friend's mother, his love for telling stories began. With his new passion, he immersed himself in storytelling, honing his craft every day after school. In 1997, at the age of 16, he received an Honorable Mention Award for their Tenth Annual Scholastic Writing Competition for a short story. By 1998, he had a desire to shift his focus from writing full-length stories to the writing of movies. After a very short stint in the area of photography and video production, in 2011 Terrell received a story idea that seemed to bring his writing full circle. He self-published his first novel, John Doe, in 2014.